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Social Care And Older People With Chronic Kidney Disease - A Mixed-Method Narrative Review

Social Care And Older People With Chronic Kidney Disease - A Mixed-Method Narrative  Review



Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a long-term condition. Older people living with CKD commonly have one or more additional diseases or disorders, which means that their health care is particularly complex. They are also likely to have increasing needs for social care over time. The purpose of this systematic review was to establish what is known about social care needs, and how services are experienced by key stakeholders.

The review aimed to address the following questions:

  • What are the social care needs of older people with kidney disease?
  • What are older people’s and other key stakeholders’ views and experiences of accessing and receiving social care services?



Researchers from Bangor University conducted a mixed-method narrative review to aggregate evidence from quantitative and qualitative studies. Second-checked and agreed-by-consensus review processes ensured independence.



  • There was a dearth of published research which provided any evidence on social care. Of the 7769 abstracts and titles identified only 36 papers from 32 studies provided any evidence on social care, and much of this evidence was not the main focus of the study.
  • Research on older people with CKD is still predominantly led by medical or health-related professionals: Only one study had a primary social care focus and was carried out by social care professionals.
  • We found no examples of older people’s views or experiences of accessing and receiving social care interventions or services.
  • We identified nine overall social care research topics for older people with CKD, which need further research.
  • The social care needs identified in the evidence were extensive due to the multiple co-morbidities of living with CKD over a prolonged time.
  • Renal clinicians name the lack of social care services as an influential factor regarding health outcomes, including quality of life.



More research led from a social care perspective is needed to address evidence gaps identified in this review.

To read the review in full and to contact the research team please click here Social Care and Older People with Chronic Kidney Disease - a Mixed-Method Narrative Review

A new pan-Wales, multidisciplinary study looking at the ways people make decisions about dialysis is currently underway. To read more click here http://www.kidneyresearchunit.wales/dialysis-options--choices

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