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Prepare for Kidney Care Trial

Prepare for Kidney Care Trial

The challenge

A kidney transplant is considered the best treatment for many people with kidney failure but is not medically suitable for everyone. Renal dialysis and responsive management are excellent treatments used by many thousands of patients in the UK. Kidney specialists agree that both approaches are effective and safe. Some kidney teams tend to prepare older people and those with multiple health problems for responsive management. Others tend to prepare patients for renal dialysis. It is different around the country, because doctors do not know if one is ultimately better for patients, or whether they are both the same. Kidney specialists would like to compare quality of life and survival for the two approaches, so future patients can make better-informed decisions

The research

Recruitment to the Prepare for Kidney Care study began in July 2017. For an introduction to the study please watch the video here, http://www.bristol.ac.uk/population-health-sciences/projects/prepare-kc-trial/ and to see a list of the renal units taking part please visit our Recruitment Centres section. You can also follow the study on twitter @PrepareKC

The results

A study this size takes many years to collect enough data. The study will report around 2022. Any early findings will be reported on the study website.

The impact

The Prepare for Kidney Care study will provide the first high-quality evidence comparing the benefits of preparing for renal dialysis vs. preparing for responsive management for these people. It will tell us about their quality of life and how long they survive. It will reveal the impact treatments have on patients, their families and their carers. The results will be used in the future to inform patients, relatives and clinical teams when making decisions about whether to prepare for renal dialysis or for responsive management.

Full details of the study can be found on the study website here, http://www.bristol.ac.uk/population-health-sciences/projects/prepare-kc-trial/

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