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PERIT-PD study

PERIT-PD: Patient immune responses to infection in Peritoneal Dialysis

"Improving patient outcomes from peritoneal dialysis related infections"

(UKCRN ID: 11838)

Peritonitis remains the main reason for treatment failure in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. Despite this the peritoneal immune response to specific pathogens remains poorly defined.

This project intends to collect a large number of defined samples from patients to characterise the immune response and use this to develop potential methods for better diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of infection in these patients.

Lead from Cardiff, over 20 sites around the UK are collecting samples for this study.

Latest study news: PERIT-PD Newsletter

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-> Peritoneal immunity group in Cardiff University

-> PERIT-PD on the UKCRN study portfolio

-> For participating sites: download the frequently asked questions about sample collection and storage

-> PERIT-PD Training resources (for PDDB database)

Chief Investigator: Professor Donald Fraser

Research Leads: Dr Matthias Eberl and Professor Nicholas Topley

Clinical lead: Dr Kieron Donovan


PERIT-PD study coordinator:

Dr Chantal Colmont

Cardiff University                      Tel: +44 29 2074 8469

Institute of Nephrology             Email: colmontcs@cf.ac.uk

Heath Park

Cardiff CF14 4XN

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