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Thank you to all who attended the WKRU annual meeting 28th November 2018.



Thank you to all who attended the WKRU annual meeting 28th November 2018. 

It was a pleasure to welcome all to this years Wales Kidney Research Unit (WKRU) annual meeting. We look forward to welcoming you at next years meeting. Thank you to all our speakers for making the event the most varied we have had to date, all those who presented a poster, the catering and organisers. We are so grateful to those who provided feedback and please do let us know how we can improve upon next year. It will not be long before we start planning. Have a look for your photo in the links below and tag yourself on Twitter. Also take a look at the short video we made and those who have agreed to share their presentations on the website on the links below.  

Images http://kidneyresearchunit.wales/getfile.php?type=site_images&id=WKRUSwanseaAnnualMeeting2018Images.pdf 

Video https://youtu.be/COuTyap0VPA 

Presentations James Chess, Mohammad Alhadj Ali and Liam Cooney http://kidneyresearchunit.wales/getfile.php?type=site_images&id=JamesChessMohammadLiamPresentations.pdf 

and Jennifer Cooney (including launch of MOVE) http://kidneyresearchunit.wales/getfile.php?type=site_images&id=WKRU%20Presentation%202018JCooney.pdf