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The Can Do Mind – “Creating Wellness With Kidney Disease” (Kidney Wales event)

Location: The Marriott Hotel Swansea

Organised by Kidney Wales (https://www.kidneywales.cymru)

Ground breaking conferences for Kidney Patients, Health Professionals & Carers on 31 of January  for young adults at Swansea University and  for everyone on 1 of February 2018 at The Marriott Hotel Swansea

The aim is to expose living successfully with kidney disease and bring “Can Do Mind “thinking and sign posting to overcome everyday living, anxiety, concerns and down- right depression. It will concentrate on being alive to your emotions and thoughts in both your positive and negative mind set with family, friends and health professionals.

“We believe much more work is needed with kidney patients and their mental well-being.  The “Can Do Mind“ mission is  about creating wellness when living with kidney disease. We understand it is not always possible but our objective and aim is to set goals for ourselves to work through important mental health issues. We are all different and the individuality of experiences can bring strength when brought together. We all have a right to be allowed to pursue our own life – the sharing of how you help yourself and others is the source of a Can Do Mind.” Professor Roy J. Thomas of Kidney Wales said, the founder of the Can Do Project and Can Do Mind.

The gatherings will bring together experts and those interested from across Wales and the UK. It is the first conference of its kind in Wales and possibly the UK.

Shaun Ruck who is on dialysis and awaiting a transplant said, “The first gathering is with young renal and transplant patients at Swansea University and the second day will bring everyone together to bring issues to the table to create outcomes that may change services currently available. It’s an opportunity for health professionals, academics and patients to share views and experiences.” 

The main Conference will focus on the attainment of a healthy mind while living with kidney disease. Despite the great attention we try and pay to the mind and human consciousness in society, disturbances of mental health remain not only neglected but also deeply avoided when conducting life generally. It is often misunderstood, and human beings with kidney disease often suffer alone. Living with a chronic condition makes it much harder at times to cope with what life throws at you.

The Can Do Mind often signposts you to self-solutions and experiences that may help understanding how to live.



 31st of January 2018 – Being a Young Adult * –Who Cares? – Health and Wellness Academy, Swansea University, 2 pm to 5 pm

1st February 2018 – Healthy Mind and Kidney Disease –the art of the possible? - Marriott Hotel Swansea, 10 am to 4 30 pm


*For Young Adults under 30 years or those who think they are under that age or wish to be.


Participants include: 

Dr Joe Chilcott -  Illness Perception, Adjustment to Chronic Illness, Depression, Fatigue, Clinical Outcomes, Psychometrics. Senior Lecturer & programme leader for the MSc Health Psychology Course King’s College London

Hope Clayton  -Chartered Health Psychologist (HCPC reg.) at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Dr Alexander Hamilton MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCP (Nephrology) Tony Wing Clinical Research Fellow Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol

Federica Picariello  - King’s College London –Leads on  “Psychology Developing and Evaluating an Integrated Model of Fatigue in End-Stage Kidney Disease’

Shaun Ruck –Patient and Advocate Can Do Project

Billy Stephens – Patient and Advocate Can Do Project

Professor Roy J Thomas – founder of the Can Do Project, CEO of Kidney Wales and The Can Do Mind Project

Mike Stephens – Lead Transplant Surgeon Wales

Kate Lawless –  Post -transplant patient motivational speaker

Brett Dowds – Volunteer Patient Advocate

Maddy Warren -  Kidney patient advocate, skydiver, TEDx speaker, social enterpriser, Talent & Diversity consultant

Other leading speakers will be announced and confirmed soon. 


If interested please contact support@kidneywales.cymru

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