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Kidney Wales Conference - 50 years on

Location: Swansea


Kidney Wales looking at creating a better future for patients and carers by putting well-being at the centre of discussion


Health Secretary Vaughan Gething will attend a Patients, Carers and Health Professionals Conference organised by Kidney Wales in its 50th year iSwansea today - 26th of January.

The Conference will discuss a new approach to Kidney and Transplant Patient Well-being  and New Partnership concept between Doctors , Health Professionals with Patients and Carers.

Vaughan Gething said: “I’m looking forward to an open debate on well-being. This Government wants to look at not only preventing and treating chronic diseases like kidney disease but how a patient and medical professional relate to each other.”

On the new thinking and approach, Roy J Thomas CEO of Kidney Wales said  “At the heart of medical care is the unique relationship between a physician/health professional and patient and carer. A Doctor is bound to look at the interests of the Patient but what are the duties of a Patient to himself or herself and others around-if any. We will explore this with everyone in one room.”

He added “Kidney Wales has first class Patients Advocates who bring reality to the discussion, as they are patients themselves. With the  conference delegates we wish to explore the medical relationship by looking at how the “New Partnership” (as we will call it ) can bring a mini reform positively. This is a new approach and initiative and Kidney Wales through its Patient Advocates have questioned dialysis patients and these results will inform this debate and be presented. Initial results have proved that we need to look at issues in a new way.”


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