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Dr Usman Khalid

Mr Usman Khalid is a Consultant Transplant and Organ Retrieval Surgeon at The University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University. Usman graduated from Imperial College London in 2007, and undertook his surgical training in London, Oxford and Wales deaneries. He gained his certificate of completion in General Surgery with specialisation in Transplantation and Organ Retrieval Surgery in August 2020.

His clinical interests include kidney transplantation, laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy, multiorgan retrieval surgery, dialysis access and elective general surgery.

His main research interests are in understanding the underlying mechanisms of Kidney Ischaemia Reperfusion Injury, an inevitable consequence of transplantation, and identifying treatments for it. He completed his PhD in 2007 investigating the role of microRNAs in kidney injury in the context of Kidney Transplantation. Post-doctorally he has continued his research by developing further in vivo models of kidney injury and testing novel therapies.