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Dr Soma Meran

Nephrology specialist, Dr Soma Meran and her team are looking for ways to tackle kidney fibrosis, or scarring – where excess scar tissue forms. The scar tissue prevents the kidney working properly and is an important factor in chronic kidney disease development.

In collaboration with the University of Exeter and the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, the research involves altering the cells responsible for wound healing and tissue repair and could lead to treatments that would prevent and even reverse kidney fibrosis.

Dr Meran said: “We were amazed to discover that a protein called hyaluronidase-2 can bind to RNA (long chains of information, similar to DNA) in a cell and alter its activity. We could potentially use this technique to stop the cells responsible for fibrosis and scar formation from producing scar tissue. This opens up exciting new research avenues in the study of fibrosis.”

Dr Meran featured in the Kidney Research UK Update magazine of Autumn 2019